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Welcome to SOTERIA Ethics Whistleblowing

Required Information

Please provide us with information  about

  • The nature of the ethical incident

  • When did it happen? (optional)

  • What happened? (required)

  • What country? (required)

The only pieces of information required are a description of the facts you want to report and the country where it took place.

All information provided should be provided to the best of your knowledge

Security and Confidentiality of Your Report 

We ensure the absolute confidentiality and the technical protection of the content you provide including  your personal details. To increase the security of this information, please note the following, 

  • If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not provide any personal information. Avoid mentioning your name or relationship with those involved. Also do not submit any information that allows conclusions to be drawn about you.

  • If possible do not submit your report via a device provided by your employer or institution.

Once you have filled out the form, please double-check that the information you provide is complete.

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