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Ethical Issues In eLearning - eLearning Avenue

Chapter 1: I Can’t See You? Ethical Considerations of Web Camera Use in Online Environments – Ethical Use of Technology in Digital Learning Environments: Graduate Student Perspectives, Volume 2

What are the ethical issues in online learning? –

Vol 17 No 3 (2021): Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society - Special Issue on "Children and the Digital" | Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Ethical questions about learning technology (Ed Tech Ethics Part 2) – You're the Teacher



Online voting is perilous for democracy - The Fulcrum

Result details

Face Detection using Deep Learning to ensure a Coercion Resistant Blockchain-based Electronic Voting

Ethics of Voting | Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics

Why the answer to how to strengthen public trust in elections is… SEEV | ERC: European Research Council

Election security experts warn against online voting systems - The Fulcrum

The challenges of voter secrecy in e-voting | Inria




Frontiers | The Sociotechnical Ethics of Digital Health: A Critique and Extension of Approaches From Bioethics | Digital Health

Journal of Medical Internet Research - An Ethics Checklist for Digital Health Research in Psychiatry: Viewpoint

Guidance on the rights-based and ethical use of digital technologies in HIV and health programmes | United Nations Development Programme

Ethical AI for Digital Health: Tools, Principles and Framework | HIMSS

Ethics and governance of artificial intelligence for health

Journal of Medical Internet Research - Recent Academic Research on Clinically Relevant Digital Measures: Systematic Review

Pandemic-led healthcare advances raise ethical and political hurdles | Financial Times

Digital health monitors are booming, but where's the research on privacy and ethics?

Ethics of Digital Health Tools and AI in Health - AI LA Life Summit

Indian Academy of Sciences

Bioethics - Prof. Effy Vayena – Institute of Translational Medicine | ETH Zurich


Complying with the GDPR when vulnerable people use smart devices | International Data Privacy Law | Oxford Academic

[PDF] Surveillance in Schools Across Europe: A New Phenomenon in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic? The Cases of Greece and France | Semantic Scholar

Karagianni Anna - Technical University of Crete

Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness - Wikipedia

Aaron Jaffe | The English Department

Mental data protection and the GDPR | Journal of Law and the Biosciences | Oxford Academic

David Reichel | European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Giuseppe Longo: La pandemia ed il «techno-fix»

Master di I livello in Filosofia del digitale — Uniud IT

Acceptability of, and preferences for, remote consulting during COVID-19 among older patients with two common long-term musculoskeletal conditions: findings from three qualitative studies and recommendations for practice | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders | Full Text

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